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A creative ensemble of precision motions dance elements and travel steps that place special attention on a props or theme. 

Required Elements

  • Props must be used (in hand) for at least 80% of the entire routine. The use need not be consecutive and may include one or all members.

    •The calculation is made by dividing the Prop Use Time by the Total Performance Time.

    •NOTE: This category may include any and all Styles of dance and choreography.

Potential Penalties

  • A routine with less than 80% prop use will result in a 1-pt deduction for each 10 seconds.
  • Exceeding or not meeting time requirements will result in a 1-pt penalty per each 10 seconds.
  • A dropped pom or item is a 1 point deduction for each infraction.

Helpful Hints

Variety of Elements can be achieved by the following:

  • Level Changes
  • Group work
  • Visual picture with props
  • Type of dance styles
  • Type of props or costuming
  • Projection of character or theme

Difficulty of Elements can be achieved by the following:

  • Changing the tempo of motions
  • Increasing the number of body parts used to complete a motion
  • Increasing the number of props used
  • Complexity of the movements within sequence
  • Increasing the number of scenes or concepts
  • Dancing with manipulating a prop
  • Changing of props
Creativity is Defined as the following:
  • The extent to which the prop, character or theme, in combination with the elements of variety and difficulty, are balanced to create interest throughout the ENTIRE performance.
  • Imagination and innovative expression through dance are keys to creativity.
  • The prop, character or theme should be clearly defined through the purposeful selection of props, costuming, music, dance elements, transitions and formations.
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