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An ensemble of precision motions performed with poms and used to create visual effects and/or interpret a musical arrangement.

Required Elements

  • The use of the poms must be justified. This means that without pom use, the visual effects would not be evident or enhanced.
  • Poms must be used for at least 80% of the entire performance. The use need not be consecutive and may include one or all members.
  • The calculation is made by dividing the Pom Use Time by the Total Performance Time.

Potential Penalties

  • A routine with less than 80% pom use will result in a 1-pt penalty for each 10 seconds.
  • Exceeding or not meeting time requirements will result in a 1-pt penalty per each 10 seconds. 

  • A dropped pom or item is a 1 point deduction for each infraction.

Helpful Hints

Variety of elements can be achieved by the following:

  • Level changes incorporating pom use
  • Group work incorporating pom use
  • Type of arm positions
  • Directional changes while using poms (movement L to R, front to back, crossing, etc.)
  • Pom "pictures"/Punch-outs/Ripples
  • Colors and Size

Difficulty of elements can be achieved by the following:

  • Changing the tempo of motions
  • Increasing the number of body parts used to complete a motion
  • Increasing the number of motions within a precision sequence
  • Complexity of the movements within precision sequence
  • Increasing the number of performers executing a precision Sequence
  • Traveling while executing a precision sequence

Creativity is defined as the following:

  • The extent to which basic pom moves, combinations and visual effects are used in unusual ways.
  • Consider how "old" pom visuals may be revamped in an interesting "new" way or debut a totally different concept. 
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