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An ensemble of footwork and kick sequences used to create visual effects and interpret a musical arrangement.

Required Elements

The performance must include at least 65 kicks that are quarter-kicks or higher and continue throughout the entire routine.

NOTE: A prep or tendu is NOT considered a kick.

Potential Penalties

  • A routine with less than 65 acceptable kicks will result in 3-pt penalty.
  • Exceeding or not meeting time requirements will result in a 1-pt penalty per each 10 seconds. 
  • A dropped item is a 1 point deduction for each infraction.

Helpful Hints

Variety of Elements can be achieved by the following:

  • Kick Heights
  • Type of Kick
  • Kick Directions
  • Hook-Ups
  • Kick Groups (individualized, small or whole team)
  • Tiered Kicks

Difficulty of Elements can be achieved by the following:

  • Advancing the type of kick (straight, corner, across/behind the body, fan kick)
  • Increasing the height of the kick
  • Changing the direction of the kick
  • Incorporating heads and hook-ups
  • Changing the tempo of kicks
  • Increasing the number of kicks within a sequence
  • Combining types of kicks within a sequence
  • Increasing the number of performers executing a kick sequence
  • Traveling while kicking

Creativity is Defined as the following:

The extent to which basic kick moves, combinations and visual effects are used in innovative and creative ways. Routine and flow.

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