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2022 MAPDA Virtual Events

Virtual Event Information and Guidelines

How does it work?

The health and safety of performers, judges, family, and fans is our top priority. A Virtual Competition provides the flexibility to allow teams to perform during the COVID-19 pandemic. Teams will register (see dates below) for either or both events and will work with the MAPDA Registration Coordinator to decide upon a date/time where teams can use their own video cameras, phones, go-pros, tablets to film and upload their routines. Our filming schedule allows for flexibility to film during your regularly scheduled practice times. Teams will be given a video template to be printed and filmed during the performance. Coaches will receive a special code at the agreed upon date/time that will need to be written on the template and filmed. Teams will have 15 mins, from when the code is provided, to film and email/upload their video performance. (See virtual competition filming guidelines.)

Click the links below for information on our Virtual Events. 


Event 1:

• February 14 Registration deadline

• On or before Feb 14 Scheduling performance with Coordinator

• Feb 15-Feb 19 Performance/Filming and submissions

• Feb 19 Payment Due/Event Deadline

• Feb 24 Awards posted 

Event 2:

• March 7 Registration deadline

• On or before March 7 Scheduling performances with Coordinator

• March 8-12 Performance/Filming and submissions

• March 12 Payment Due/Event Deadline

• March 17 Awards posted

*New Event 3:

• March 28 Registration deadline

• On or before March 28 Scheduling performances with Coordinator

• March 29-April 2 Performance/Filming and submissions

• April 2 Payment Due/Event Deadline

• April 7 Awards posted

Have questions? Please email: 

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